Trump: Mark Zuckerberg under fire, Facebook employees resign

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Chairman has come under criticisms for not condemning President Donald Trump’s remarks.

The American leader had threatened protesters of George Floyd’s death with tougher actions.

Trump’s tweet, which is also on his Facebook page, described demonstrators as “THUGS”.

He added that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Twitter placed a “public interest notice” on the post for violating the platform’s rules “about glorifying violence”.

But Facebook failed to do the same, a decision that triggered outrage against Zuckerberg and the company.

On Wednesday, Dpa said online magazine, The Verge reported that Zuckerberg held a long conference call with Facebook employees.

He addressed accusations that the platform allowed election misinformation and veiled promotions of violence from Trump.

Zuckerberg told employees he should have offered them more transparency but that he stood by the “pretty thorough” evaluation of Trump’s posts.

He said the choice to avoid labeling or removing them was difficult but correct.

“(But) I knew that I needed to separate out my personal opinion … from what our policy is and the principles of the platform we’re running are.”

New York Times reported that several Facebook employees have resigned.

It quoted one of the as saying that the company would end up “on the wrong side of history”.

Trump has deployed National Guards across Washington with repeated calls on governors to dominate with troops.


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