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Sunday Igboho demands release of OPC members arrested over warlord, Isikilu Wakili

Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as Igboho on Saturday warned Oyo State, the Federal governments and the Nigeria Police to immediately release all members of the Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) in custody over the arrest of the Fulani warlord, Isikilu Wakili in Ibarapa.

He gave a weeks’ ultimatum to Oyo State and the federal governments to release the arrested OPC members before all Yorubas troop out en masse to protest it.

Recall that the Oyo State Police Command announced that it took into custody some members of the Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) in connection with the earlier arrest of Isikilu Wakili.

But Adeyemo during a rally in Osogbo by the Yoruba nation to demand an independent nation warned against their continued detention.

“I urge the Oyo, Federal Governments and police to release OPC member who arrested Fulani herdsmen terrorising Yoruba people in Ibarapa land immediately. Before all Yorubas will come out en masse to protest against it.

“They apprehended some Fulanis who were disrupting the peace of Ibarapa and handed them over to the police. But the Oyo State Police and Nigerian Government now arrested them which should not be so.”

Earlier, DAILY POST had reported that Yoruba nation agitators armed with placards, chanting secession songs converged at the November 27 bridge in Osogbo.

While distributing handbills to residents, the agitators marched from the November 27 bridge through Ogo-Oluwa, Ola-Iya to Freedom pack.

The Yoruba agitator, Adeyemo arrived at the venue of the rally around 1:45 pm on Saturday.

Adeyemo while speaking at the protest said there will be no election in Yoruba land in 2023.

He added that the Yoruba nation must leave now as it is no more a slave to the northerners.

Adeyemo said Governor Gboyega Oyetola allowed the Yoruba nation agitators to hold the rally in Osun and provided them with security.

While seeking unity among Yorubas, Adeyemo asked all that are aggrieved to come together.

However, one of the Yoruba nation promoter, Akin Adejuwon, a lecturer of Cultural Studies at Obafemi Awolowo University, who was a Director-General, National Troupe of Nigeria said the protest is eye-opening for Yoruba youths to take over and fight for Oduduwa nation.

“We are here to enlighten and sensitise the youths. The youth are the owners of the Yoruba land. The Fulani enslavers and murderers, must not take our land from us.

“A thousand generation of the Fulani herdsmen cannot overpower the Yoruba youths. We are not one of those who live in the bush. Some animals living in the forest cannot claim our lands.

“We are here to awake the youths’ consciousness to what is right. We are here to educate the youth against voting in 2023.


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