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Sponsored post for 14th July

#247GIST_FORUM #Double_Your_Income

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And more goodies

Other #Sweet_Benefits

1.Free Monthly skill Acquisition program strictly for members

2.Daily Pay system for referrals bonus

3.Payment is guaranteed with or #without_referrals for Activity earnings every 26th of the month.

4.Black Friday offers every last Friday of the month

And more to come…

The fact is many have already registered as you are reading this post you can visit the site and confirm through our post comments section…..

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Happy Money making

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  1. Everybody come and join this platform oo, hmmm payment, it okay it well, since the launched day as a member. Not funny anyway

  2. good platform. but I don’t see any payment since I joined this platform goin to 3 months now pls admin do something about it.

  3. Just commenting without receiving any payment this is not funny Gist247 Forum admin we promoting and also earning money for u by commenting without any payment

  4. Nice one
    Please admin I will appreciate if my last month payment is been look into

  5. Pls admin try to my check my dashboard ooo,since the beginning of this year,I haven’t received any alert from this glorious platform.Thanks.

  6. Still no payment since,and if by this month again nothing happen,then I’ll know you guys are nothing but a scammer

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