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Sam Adeyemi predicts Nigeria’s future if divided, restructured

The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi has said that even if Nigeria breaks up, the lives of the poor masses may never improve unless the system is properly restructured.

Adeyemi disclosed this in a series of tweets via his Twitter account on Thursday.

According to the Pastor, “the culture of leadership that makes leaders consume most of the resources and leave most people impoverished will likely continue” even if the country is divided.

He further revealed that Nigeria will be great again if power is shifted from political leaders to the citizens.

”I fear that the life of the common man may not improve if Nigeria restructures into regions or even if it breaks up now.

“The first restructuring we need, and this is true for much of Africa, is for power to shift from political leaders to the citizens, so leaders become accountable, citizens have esteem and are empowered to prosper, and occupying public office is for service, not money-making.

”This requires responsibility on the part of citizens. We must rise beyond religious and ethnic prejudice to have a collective vision for development, and to adopt values like honesty, value for life, equality, excellence, etc.

”Citizens and elites that have conscience must push for this now. Perhaps, then, new structures of government can serve us well.

“We need to show that Africa can rise above base instincts to think, organise themselves and build prosperous economies,” he said.


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