Iran reports 200 COVID-19 deaths in 24hrs

Iran has recorded 200 coronavirus deaths in a single day for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

The country also confirmed 2,600 new infections, driving the total number of cases to 245,688, with 11,931 deaths.

The Country’s Health Minister, Saeed Namaki, who likened the virus to a “bomb”, lamented that the country will be knocked out “If things continued like this.

Namaki complained that many Iranians had abandoned the COVID-19 safety rules, despite efforts of the ministry towards educating the people on safety

He added that Iran has suffered severe setbacks “and is confronted with a new wave of infections.”

After an initial decrease in case numbers in mid-May, Iran relaxed measures to prevent the spread of the virus and opened up the economy, which is now suspected to be the cause of the dramatic increase in cases, NAN reports.


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  1. There must have been massive disobedience to guidelines and other rules on public conduct.

  2. They should continue with the rules and protocols of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and not easing the measures.