Growing insecurity, hardship threatening Nigeria’s unity – Bishop Nkwagu

The Anglican Bishop of Abakaliki, Diocese, Rt. Rev Chukwuma Nkwagu, has tasked the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhuri to urgently fix the growing insecurity and hardship in the country to avert a situation where the people can challenge the government in power.

Nkwagu made this known while addressing newsmen during the visit of the national executives of the Women Wing of the Christian Council of Nigeria, WWCAN, in Abakaliki, capital of Ebonyi State.

He lamented that the increase in the prices of fuel and electricity as well as insecurity in the nation have made Nigerians to lose hope in the capacity of the government to protect their lives.

According to him: “Nobody is comfortable with what is happening in Nigeria, whether church or no church. Nobody is happy about the level of insecurity in the nation. Nobody is happy that the price of fuel has risen so high and it is affecting everybody. Hardship is getting tougher all over the nation and nobody is happy about it.

“We are only appealing to the government to look into it critically because when insecurity grows uncontrollably, then, it is threatening the existence of the entire nation and the unity of the country, so, the government should look at it critically.

“They should remove anything religious or ethnicity, they should go straight into the real matter and be able to minimize or stop the growing insecurity in the nation, but if it continues this way, those in the east, north or south cannot be safe.

“We ask the federal government to think critically, the security agencies should look at it critically. Something should be done urgently to sustain the unity of this country, and bring everybody together as one nation.

“I know they are afraid. They know the reason they removed subsidy, and the increase in the prices of fuel and electricity because of COVID-19. The government should take it gradually until the economy is stabilized.

“People are not happy and that’s why different groups want to demonstrate and tell the government that they are not happy.

“I appeal to the government to think about it, we know that everybody is suffering because of COVID-19 that ravaged other countries of the world, but it is better for the government to take it gradually so that Nigerians will not be brought to their knees to the extent that they will think of taken laws into their own hands.

“The society is expecting reduction in the prices of fuel and electricity but instead, it was increased beyond expectation. Sufferings are on the increase and it will get to the level that people can no longer bear it, they will begin to revolt and then it will look like the people are challenging the government,” he stated.


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