Coronavirus: Nigerian govt raises fresh alarm

The federal government has again raised the alarm over non-compliance to safety measures against coronavirus.

Boss Mustapha, Chairman of the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, expressed concern at a briefing on Thursday in Abuja.

He said PTF found that non-compliance had been largely fueled by skepticism and ignorance about the virus.

Mustapha noted that stigmatisation had further impacted on the willingness of people to come out to seek help and tell their stories.

“The nature of this pandemic demands that we must detect and treat in order to address it. COVID-19 is not a condition to be ashamed of as it has no respect for status, nationality, race, creed, tribe among others”, he said.

The SGF stated that every person infected must be treated to prevent spread and avoidable fatalities.

He added that the PTF had deepened community engagement and risk communication in the phase of national response.

Mustapha said PTF had been communicating to Nigerians, the dangers of complacency and non-compliance with COVID-19 measures.

He reminded that presently, “there is no known vaccine for the virus and that all over the world, non-pharmaceutical measures still remained the most effective”.

“Avoiding being infected remains the best choice for everyone,” Mustapha stressed.


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  1. The govt at the federal and state level should stop handling this covid-19 with kid glove. Let the implementation and enforcement be thoroughly done.

  2. hmm! fresh alarm… is this how this year gonna be through out… may God save us from our deceitful leaders

  3. The nature of this pandemic demands that we must detect and treat in other to address it