Bauchi APC, PDP in war of words over Gov Mohammed’s achievements after one year in office

As the Governor Bala Mohammed-led administration in Bauchi State marks its first year in office today, the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are in war of words over the performance of the current government in its first year in office.

While the opposition says the administration cannot pinpoint any tangible achievements recorded so far, the ruling party submits that APC is on a voyage of lies to rubbish Governor Mohammed-led administration’s hard-earned achievements with its first years in office.

Addressing a press conference Friday at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Press Centre in Bauchi, the Chairman, Media/Publicity Committee in the state, Comrade Sabo Muhammad, described the one year of the PDP administration in the state as a waste.

According to Sabo, the situation the state found itself now is worrisome and most unfortunate in the history of the state.

He claimed that despite its claims to have the magic to deliver better services to the people of the state, the PDP administration has so far failed woefully on its pre-2019 election promises.

He added that contrary to employment opportunities promised the youth, the administration has been threatening the few vocal ones among the youth with arrest for daring to demand for employments.

“In 2019, the Peoples Democratic Party while campaigning had mischievously claimed to have the temerity and dexterity of delivering better services to the state, including opening window of bountiful employment opportunities to youths and women as well as improve security of lives and property if elected.

“The applied trick can rightly be said to have worked over the intelligence of electorate.

“Ironically, it is just one year while in office and we are all living witnesses to the policy thrusts on implementation by the PDP-led government is at variance with what it promised during the campaign.

“Instead of employment opportunities, the youth are pauperized and frustrated. The vocal ones among them are threatened with arrest and intimidation,” Comrade Sabo stated.

In a swift reaction, the ruling PDP in the state lambasted the APC over its orchestrated propaganda to rubbish the governor’s hard-earned achievements within one year of his administration, saying that the opposition party, which is already dead in the state, is reading some people’s script with no facts.

The state PDP Chairman, Hamza Koshe Akuyam, who reacted to the several allegations made by the APC against the PDP-led administration in the state, declared that APC’s well-orchestrated plan and propaganda were aimed at rubbishing the achievements of the PDP government within its first year in office.

According to Akuyam, the PDP is not bothered about the APC’s allegations, declaring that the opposition party ought to come up with concrete evidences to prove its allegations against the Bala Mohammed-led administration.

“We are not miffed by the several allegations the APC are throwing about to raise false impressions about the government in the minds of the people of the state.

“They talked about the source of how we pay salaries of the state workers. Anybody who is conscious of the economic realities in the state will not question the source of the earnings of a state.

“At least we are paying salaries and the civil servants will attest to that.

“Concerning the projects in the state that they are alleging that due process was not followed in their execution, they should know that within one year, we executed projects that everyone can see, including them.

“These are projects they were struggling to complete during their wasted four years in office and they could not achieve anything.

“If they choose to remain docile, we hope they continue to remain docile and go dead within our first four years in office because if you want to make allegations, you should come out with concrete evidence.

“They alleged that we mismanage the Covid-19 palliatives given to the state but everybody is a witness to how we briefed stakeholders of the state from the day we had the first index case to the over 200 cases. So, they have no facts,” Akuyam told journalists in Bauchi.

He urged the APC to do some introspection and soul searching instead of its current laughable resort to lies and guile to justify its disastrous failure during its four years administration in the state.

He added that APC will come begging because Bauchi State has always been a PDP state since the inception of the current democratic dispensation.


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